Asato assembles A-team to grow Business Observability Solution for CIOs

Asato assembles A-team to grow Business Observability Solution for CIOs


Data-driven decision-making in enterprises isn’t as advertised.  

So long as there is a tendency to prioritize data collection without a clear strategy for analysis and action, it leads to a flood of data but a drought of actionable insights.  

Corporate executives, and especially CIOs, feel the weight of this paradox as they navigate the complexities of asset management, especially at large enterprises. 

But there is light at the end of the tunnel.

With the rise of generative AI, LLMs and advanced machine learning it's more feasible than ever to build connected asset graphs to help inform CIOs where their attention is required. A place free of bias, inconsistency, and disconnectedness. A place where confident decisions can be made based on causation.

And that's precisely Asato's mission - to build a Business Observability Solution that carves a clear path from insight to decision.

Current state and problems

First, we have unstructured and heterogeneous data that needs to be standardized. We’re talking about millions of lines of code and information spread across the enterprise. CMDB (Configuration management databases) and ITAM (IT asset management) solutions exist but have incomplete, siloed data and don’t deliver meaningful insights or any sense of direction.

Long story short, you’ll still need a team of analysts or data scientists to make sense of it all.

Then you have the inherent biases in data interpretation that pose another challenge to effective decision-making. The thing is data is organized and interpreted through the lens of individuals whose existing notions or subjective biases can lead to skewed conclusions and flawed decision-making.   

There are no excuses; CIOs and executives are expected to make a positive impact on top-line and bottom-line and everything in between despite this monster challenge. 

But better decisions are just on the other side of AI and LLMs, with its ability to recognize patterns, understand anomalies, and forecast scenarios. It’s time we asked more from this tech and use it to build around existing problems. 

Our solution

Sundari and I have lived with all these challenges, firsthand. And Asato.AI is our opportunity to overcome them for execs and CIOs around the world, barring no industry. Assets that talk to each other and vertically trained AI-agents are the future, in fact they’re already here.

I will talk about our core underlying graph-based technologies - deterministic asset knowledge graph, and probabilistic decision-outcome causal graph - in a separate post.

Today, I want to talk about the team that is helping to make this vision a reality.

The A-team

Our board members Lip-Bu Tan and Kumar Sreekanti joined us because they look forward to the future that we're building. Sundari and I welcomed them as our newest board members to help grow our industry-first Business Observability Solution for CIOs. Read Sundari's welcome to Lip-Bu and Kumar here.

Board members

Lip-Bu, who has been a sounding board for over a decade, brings decades worth of knowledge that will help Asato navigate the challenges in software, hardware, and business. He serves as chairman of Walden International, is the founding managing partner of Walden Catalyst Ventures, and holds board positions at many private and public companies like Intel Corporation and Schneider Electric Energy

Kumar, with his vast experience in big data, cloud computing, and building software at scale, will be instrumental in shaping our long-term roadmap. He’s a venture partner at Atlantic Bridge, focusing on disruptive technologies, and has held leadership positions at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, BlueData, VMware, and Akamai

Asato's new board members, Lip-Bu Tan and Kumar Sreekanti

Core unit

Having these individuals in our core unit give Asato deep expertise across engineering, product and growth. Here's a little background on all of them.

Vinay Saxena: Vinay joins us at Asato as our Chief Architect. Prior to Asato, Vinay was CTO, Chief Architect and HPE fellow at HPE GreenLake Cloud Services. He has been shaping Hewlett Packard Enterprise's (HPE) technological landscape for close to 3 decades. With expertise spanning from product development and engineering to strategic leadership roles, he's driven significant advancements in cloud computing, NFV, and edge technologies.

Rathna Raj Talacauvery: Rathna joins Asato as our VP of Engineering and India site leader in Bengaluru. Rathna brings to Asato management leadership and technical expertise spanning multiple startup and corporate leadership positions.  Notably, at Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd, he led the team pioneering the development of Tally's "Account Aggregator" platform, securing regulatory approval and enhancing e-Payment options. 

Nanda Vijaydev: Nanda has spent the last 20 years working in data-centric startups and large enterprises such as HPE and AWS. She has honed the ability to understand customer requirements, develop and communicate product features, create roadmaps, and promote technology. As VP, Products at Asato, she brings her expertise in enterprise data management, security and compliance, end-to-end machine learning lifecycle, Kubernetes-based infrastructure, and big data. She also excels at collaborating with marketing and sales to build a pipeline, ensuring that innovative products reach the right audience effectively.

Rishi Sharma: Rishi brings over 10 years of startup experience as a full stack engineer and 8+ years of engineering leadership. Previously, he served as Associate Director of Engineering at Pristyn Care, Tech Lead at PasarPolis.

I'm so excited about the caliber of the folks that are working on building Asato.

Welcome aboard Nanda, Rathna, Rishi and Vinay.

Asato's core team members: Vinay, Rathna, Nanda and Rishi